Defocusing Delay

Bokeh is a Max for Live device translating the magic of blurred light into the world of sound.

*Only effect used is Bokeh

Positioned beautifully between precision and abstraction, Bokeh offers both crystal clear reflections as well as blissful diaphanous haze.

Taking inspiration from the phenomenon of unfocused points of light in a camera lens, Bokeh takes your sound and casts it back through a kinetic prism.

It has:

➋ × Diffusing Delays
➋ × Supersonic Pitch-shifters
➋ × Variable Slope Tone Filter


Signals sent through Bokeh’s lens can be defocused, resulting in rich, dreamy blurring.


Bokeh’s Spin parameter provides a distinct sense of movement, infusing sound with an additional layer of kinetic energy.


On top, Bokeh offers tonal possibilities through integrated pitch-shifting.

Bokeh is yours for €15 excl. VAT

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Bokeh is a Max for Live device and requires Ableton Live 10.1 with Suite (or Max for Live) to use

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Includes Doublet, Bokeh and Roulette

10% of our proceeds go to a mutual aid fund or nonprofit - rotating every few months. If cost is a barrier for you, please write to us at

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bokeh run in a DAW other than Live?

No, sorry!

Will there be a VST? Or iOS version?

No plans at the moment, but if we get enough funding it might be a possibility.

I have a feature request... And I need help!!

Send an email to