Poly-asymmetric Sequencer

Roulette is a Max for Live device that weaves evolving and dynamic phrases.
Roulette is also included in the Superberry Bundle

*Only sequencer used is Roulette

Reaching beyond the customary utility of a step sequencer, Roulette becomes a powerful & intuitive compositional tool, where quick experimentation can lead to inspiring happy accidents within any musical context.


Because each section of Roulette has its own individual behavior, the asymmetric patterns dance around each other, generating intricate melodies.


Each section of Roulette can be easily programmed to behave independently. The outcome you hear is the relationship of all the individual sections continually relating to one another. With Roulette you design dynamic sequencing environments, not rigid repetitions.

Seemingly Endless

The Algorithmic and Asymmetric qualities of Roulette result in cascading, seemingly endless sequences.

Roulette is yours for €15 excl. VAT

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Roulette is a Max for Live device and requires Ableton Live 10.1 with Suite (or Max for Live) to use

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Includes Doublet, Bokeh and Roulette

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Roulette run in a DAW other than Live?

No, sorry!

Will there be a VST? Or iOS version?

No plans at the moment, but if we get enough funding it might be a possibility.

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