Experimental Collection


Kit contains seven experimental Max for Live devices with a visual interface that invites you to tune parameters with your ears and lose yourself in sound.

Jog — a notepad sequencer Pop — a colorful synthesizer with microtonal flavors Hue — a dynamic filter with rhythmic control Box — a spacious reverb with intense tonality Dot — a geometric sequencer with logical operators Lux — a pristine harmonic synthesizer Ego — a blurring delay with grainshifting

New Year New Me
Crunchy Patterns
Melodic Patterns
17edo Microtones

All sounds & effects made with Kit

Together they form a playful collection of melody, texture, rhythm and space. Paired with other tools and sounds they can be used to add spark and surprises to any constellation. We encourage you to try different combinations and applications; there is no right or wrong.

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Jog is a polyphonic notepad sequencer. Notes, chords and rhythms are entered by manually recording MIDI data step by step, inspired by classic step-entry sequencers but expanded with a dynamic euclidean algorithm for endless variation.


Pop is an 8-voice synthesizer with morphing spectral modulation and microtonal capabilities. By using a system of revolving oscillators, Pop smoothly scans between different harmonics formed by phase modulation in its core.


Hue is a bandpass filter with adjustable width; it can be used as a highpass, lowpass, bandpass or something in between. The filter cutoff frequencies in Hue can be dynamically modulated by two envelopes, triggered by a euclidean pattern generator.


Box is an unorthodox reverb with vast spaces and intense tonalities that invites you to explore feedback, distortion and filtering in a way that can completely deteriorate a signal and send it far, far away.

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Dot is a circular sequencer that generates two euclidean patterns which play alongside each other and can interact using logical operators.


Lux is an additive synthesizer with an abundance of sinewaves that together form different timbres and tones with finetuned control over each partial's frequency and amplitude.


Ego is a grainshifting and diffusing delay based on our Bokeh effect. Just like in Bokeh, the echoes can be blurred into a reverb-like effect but the pitch shifter on Ego has a unique granular-inspired tone.


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Kit is a collection of Max for Live devices and requires Ableton Live Suite (or standard with the Max for Live add-on) to use. It is not compatible with any other DAW.


  • Ableton Live Suite 10.1+
  • macOS 10.11.6, Intel i5, 4GB RAM
  • Windows 7, Intel i5, 4GB RAM


  • Ableton Live Suite 11+
  • macOS 12, M1, 8GB RAM
  • Windows 10, Intel i7, 8GB RAM