Subtractive Monobass


Vivid memories of transistors and warm plastic from a faraway place were distilled into a single voice of what we loved most. Lode is a monophonic bass synthesizer inspired by our most beloved vintage pieces; instruments that were greater than the sum of their parts and full of charm.


All sounds made with Lode, reverb from Romb

With simplicity there is a great reward in exploring inherent boundaries and making the most out of them. Something that may seem uncomplicated at first often reveals a depth in its subtleties and rich character.

Lode is a collection of subtleties that we cherish, a humble but strong bass synth that is a joy to use. Made for Live and Push in mind, fitting perfectly on a Push 2+3 screen with 8 finely tuned parameters. And of course, it's standalone-compatible as well. No one should have to leave their laptop without a bassline at hand.

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Open source

Lode is built on a framework for rapid development of Max for Live synthesizers with custom elements and is available on GitHub under the permissive MIT license.

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Lode is a Max for Live device and requires Ableton Live Suite (or standard with the Max for Live add-on) to use. It is not compatible with any other DAW.


  • Ableton Live Suite 10.1+
  • macOS 10.11.6, Intel i5, 4GB RAM
  • Windows 7, Intel i5, 4GB RAM


  • Ableton Live Suite 11+
  • macOS 12, M1, 8GB RAM
  • Windows 10, Intel i7, 8GB RAM