rhythm machine & drum synthesizer


Rhythm machine

Opal is an instrument made for intricate pattern creation. With parameter locks, probability, conditionals, ratcheting, independent track length, time division and traversal, it’s a breeze to program exciting patterns.

Drum synthesizer

Opal comes with four distinct, highly malleable, synthesizers and two sequenceable effects. While the synths are tailored for creating drum sounds, it’s up to you to choose where, or if, the line between percussion and melody is drawn.

Strange Strains Beat
Rhythm Roulette
Pattern Swap

All sounds & effects made with Opal

Each component of Opal can also be used as a standalone instrument, including the sequencer which can transform your favorite devices and plug-ins into a groovebox-style instrument.

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Meet the engines


Gem is an FM synthesizer capable of a wide variety of sounds, from deep and heavy bassdrums to glistening lead melodies. At its core, Gem consists of 2-Operator sinewave-based phase modulation that has been fine-tuned to sound rich and punchy.

With bipolar modulation and feedback, it's possible make a vast range of different waveshapes- including common analog shapes such as square, triangle or sawtooth.

It's a highly malleable form of synthesis that has been boiled down to its essentials, with an emphasis on the sheer quality of execution.

Sequencer modulation

Parameter lock

Parameter locks allow you to set a unique value for any synthesizer parameter on each step in the sequencer. This is a powerful method which essentially allows you to have a unique sound on every step.


External sequencing

Opal-Ctl is the MIDI version of Opal that lets you take control of your favorite devices and external plug-ins in Ableton Live with Opal’s extensive sequencing capabilities and modulation. With 10 customizable controls you can transform anything into your very own groovebox.

Opal pop-out

Each to their own

The different synth engines in Opal also comes as separate Max for Live devices which you can sequence, automate and route however you want.

... And if you ever run out of inspiration, Opal can generate random sounds, variations, sequences and even completely new and unique patterns. Let the machine surprise you.

Artist packs

We asked some of the artists that we love to create sounds using Opal. Take a listen and let these packs inspire you to explore something new. If you already own Opal you can download and import each artist's Opal bank and take a closer look.

Aho Ssan

Aho Ssan

A rare gem of expert level sound design meets hypnotic rhythms. Whether it's a back-lit live set fever dream or an expertly crafted textural composition - Aho Ssan makes us connect on a pure emotional level.

Aho Ssan × Opal


pent’s understanding of space and delicately mangled sounds both delight and make us think... How did pent do that? What a joy to still be surprised.

pent × Opal


StrangeStrains is one of those artists that can pull a sound out of a synthesizer you didn’t even know was there, and then somehow conjure an intricate beat from thin air while making it all look easy.

StrangeStrains × Opal
Wilted Woman

Wilted Woman

We love the playfulness of Wilted Woman’s output, but don’t be deceived by the cheese-themed pattern names. Wilted Woman brings a refreshing and deep understanding of sound.

Wilted Woman × Opal


Does time exist? Maybe not in rRoxymore’s sonic universe. We love the time dilating and genre bending quality to everything rRoxymore puts out into the world.

rRoxymore × Opal


Bonnadu- er, Acidub legend with a mystical array of esoteric effects and an intimate understanding of sound. Tilliander makes us wonder if perhaps all you need is a 303 after all.

Tilliander × Opal
Opal pop-out

Take a closer look

Opal feels right at home in the Ableton device rack, but equally so in its own floating window with up to 400% UI scaling.

To sum it up

  • Step-sequencer with:
  • Parameter locks
  • Probability & Step logic
  • Ratcheting
  • Microtiming
  • Per-track length & division
  • Per-track swing
  • Per-track direction
  • External sequencing
  • With up to 128 steps per track
  • Five tracks with:
  • Gem FM Synthesizer
  • Mass Modal Synthesizer
  • Dust Pulsar Noise Synthesizer
  • Slate Granular Sample Player
  • Void Reverb & Flux Sampler
  • With modulation
  • MPE pitch-bend support
  • & individual outputs
  • + Randomizer


Opal is a collection of Max for Live devices and requires Ableton Live Suite (or standard with the Max for Live add-on) to use. It is not compatible with any other DAW.


  • Ableton Live Suite 10.1+
  • macOS 10.11.6, Intel i5, 4GB RAM
  • Windows 7, Intel i5, 4GB RAM


  • Ableton Live Suite 11+
  • macOS 12, M1, 8GB RAM
  • Windows 10, Intel i7, 8GB RAM